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Enjoying what's smoking?

Huh. Background noise skipped a rerun.

When it comes to making something work, it's surprising how often it boils down to a simple concept - one that's not just about one being right and another being wrong. It's about something right that's beyond either one, closer to something that was defined long before there was any awareness of a point over which to argue. (The way mirrors reflect what is, not what the reflected thinks itself to be.) Makes it easier to stay unstuck on motives, knowing what choice one's made.

I wonder how common the knowledge is that clumsily passive-aggressive meme sweatshops are Literally not independent. (Not by name or by nature.) How many memes have come up for Budget Steve Austin in comparison to earlier events? (Trying something new where bribery and cajoling haven't convinced?)

Note: always skip study material to 1:30. (Tangent: congratulations on choosing a 走卒 - heh, dude, I didn't even see this earlier! - to counter a 豺狼.) This feels far more girl power-y than murder mystery political soap opera study material, though it skews closer to Aesop, which got me wondering - how closely does fiction follow reality? (And with so much cold-weather breath, how much of this is shot in winter?)

Ick. Trains.

Pff. 胆怯 (if 女人, then 男人? Yep.) 不可以说. And there it is, 母后 rather than 母亲. Terms' usage depends on intimacy and formality, but consistent usage of formal term does not necessarily denote level of intimacy. 过犹不及. Reminder to keep an eye out for adages in translation, because 乘火 打劫 came through the captions again. (Counting the ways, dictionary.) Yeesh, trade war made it into Aesop 乙女.

Penultimate this because it's funny and makes me wonder if Sundowner-In-Chief is still sniffy.

Ending with this because it's soothing.

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