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It'll take more video evidence than has been shown so far for me to agree with the title of the article,* but there are portions within this particular set of comments that express far more charitably than I do why this issue is so irksome. Complaints about appropriation from street-fighting Thai samurai reruns who infect the next generation; trainers with sloppy form; language teachers with apostrophe's where they shouldn't be, mate; and yes, geriatric politicians in need of a scrubbing - it boils down to the same issue. The ones who claim the right to set the rule don't bother following it. It does no good to the bellwethers, and worse to those they would teach. Also, politicians are the last sort of person from whom to expect perfection. (Speaking of reruns, this situation must have come to mind as well.)

Guess who else wants to write the rules they're going to break anyway?

*(If for some reason this needs clarification, let me help - I don't agree with the title of the article in the first link because there isn't enough evidence for me to believe the counterclaim. Seriously, Sheila, did you teach these kid's too?)

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