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Et encore comme ça

Reruns they might be, but the one I caught felt serendipitous. That song with the four lights turned out to be roughly along the lines of butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Onward...

If on this issue two neighbors insist on being tied together over a third (reviewing the article in that first link led to an interesting tiebreak), I'm only too glad to oblige. Going by recollections of past media situations, I would think those who are linked by blood and country to the fighting might find the warning (again) among those further south and east of home a familiar event that they would rather not see repeated closer by.

Along the lines of those recollections, if this audit is accurate, it would go some distance to explain why why why why the purchase deal is in the situation it's in at the moment. From what I've read of this publication outside its recipes, I'd go with the way Tony Stark leans over the way the publication's bent. (Countering disregard on a choice not that court's to make.)

Ending with this to fix more firmly the memory of IRL events over the past week.

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