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Eternally don't like facial hair.

I mentioned documentaries and period dramas being easier to decipher - current study material looks to be a documentary.

If I have my timeline in order: first it was ick-despite-trend, then it was this 豺狼政权 apologist, then an earlier instance of feet in the feed. (The only reason there aren't screenshots of the third is because I didn't know how to at the time.) It took me a few articles to recognize ick-apologist writing without reading the byline, and shaving won't help a whit after reading that pile. (对, 豺狼政权 是 矫情邻人 - how many non-historical still-there-微软 contexts do you want?)

Considering study material (你的 actual 邻人的广播, as it happens) around a recent article (that ad's totally a live action 少女漫画 - 她吃什么?) showed quite a lot of goosestepping, I remain unconvinced by both earlier pieces and more recent projections, knowing a softer tone is just another means to the same objective.

Adding vocab 欧洲.

Adding this - since 熊兄弟 isn't making time for fratello, is the door held open so folk can run through on the way out?

Adding this because speaking of people running out, no amount of PR's fixing Брат's conscript exodus.

Adding this for The Junction. (Huh - too many intermediaries again, or a habitual refusal to put away shopping carts?)

Adding this because sick of that perpetual sense of victimization yet? (How casual, the insistence that it isn't a demotion.)

Adding these articles to ask The Sundowner, The Retconner, Madam Term Limits (speaking of term limits) and The Poser: unite against who now? (No, seriously, who?)

Adding this because mirrors.

Ending with this because it's familiar.

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