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Euphemisms 4/7

Looks like the chipmunks have learned to leave the garlic alone, which bodes well for the cloves I've got in reserve. The chives are settled in place, and I look forward to their continued spread. (I'mma fence these little furry Farquaads out with alliums, just you watch.)

A politician deflecting attention from his own inept leadership using a predecessor's girl troubles is a seriously petty look, Shady Pines, but for a more insidious piece of work, I'd like to compare two pieces of coverage on the same issue. In response to the complaint of constraints put on the current administration by the former (a weak-sauce excuse in any case) I hear a quote from a historical drama - "a strong man acts within that which constrains him," if I remember correctly. (Sandpaper funny example - make that examples - of why Shady Pines is just plain old constrained.)

On this issue, at least, the label might fit the network, considering what one article contains and another doesn't. Namely:

"But the agreement also left an opening for the U.S. to call off its withdrawal deal with the Taliban if the promised Taliban-Afghan peace talks failed — which they did under Biden, as the U.S. military was pulling out and Taliban fighters advancing."

Your administration, Shady Pines, and your words, yet it sure sounds like the buck's still passing. Once in that post, the talks and deployments are yours to handle; and since you've gone back on your words frequently enough, why not do so again to support those who clearly needed it?

Congratulations to those who complained about government being headed of people of a certain age and gender, yet voted in one such person, on obtaining the results they chose (now deal with it). And since such a person pulled in those who would - "run interference" is not the first cover term I thought of here - then on the current administration is, to paraphrase, the chaos unseen from one spokesman's perch. (I refuse to link those airplane videos, but I'll be very surprised indeed if that speaker hasn't seen them.)

I wonder where the nearest optometrist is.

Ending with this for the next experiment to try with pickled eggs.

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