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Experiments 5/2

Rutabaga's quite inexpensive, dent-the-floor sturdy, and as potato-y as reported; and I wonder if I can treat grocery herbs like any other plant cuttings for propagation. That and I needed a break from laughing at beer I don't drink having to beg for not being as universally appealing, socially smooth, or down-to-earth as it thought it was, so I cooked for an army.

From soup ingredients...

To soup. With the exception of the air fryer-roasted rutabaga on the top right (40 mins at 350*), everything in this second photo is one serving, and I've got at least five or six more for the soups.

The scallions are in the mapo tofu on lentils and rice (bottom left) and in the egg drop soup (blue mug); and the thyme is in the roasted veg with garlic olive oil, as well as the cream soup (bottom right, gray handled bowl - it's rutabaga and butternut squash).

The tea-ish looking stuff in the white mug is tamarind-ade (if there's a more accurate term, I've yet to find one), which is water, tamarind paste, and simple syrup.

Adding this reading exercise which - what can users do with others' deleted messages?

Adding this for what I think ties in to a radio heads up on financial oversight - that scrapping non-豺狼政权 auditors thing.

Adding this for eyes on another border.

Adding this for 匹夫在法国's quiet part out loud.

Adding this for vocab 日本, still there 微软, 美国.

Ending with this for a question I hadn't considered, but glad to have the answer anyway.

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