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Eyes all round

It would be interesting to see more photos from this angle, or better yet a video (found a clip further down the page here), to see any change in the number of people over the course of the same event (people filling up the place late and leaving early might tell more of the story than these can show, and I don't have that information). One thing to take to the bank, at least, is that the images in the article keeps my opinion of the network in question at about the same place it was when news of those aquarium chemicals came out. ("Speech can be particularly harmful when lives are literally on the line," after all; and it's a telling thing, the difference between the presentation of the more recent story and the earlier one.)

- This article from across the Ring reminded me of an earlier one - not because of the text, but because of the difference in the illustration. I'm more inclined to see that tattoo on the 熊 (诚意? The "does not intend to pursue militarization" part reads like 'if it so happens that subsequent events require militarization, it so happens that "safe havens and rescue facilities" can fulfill that requirement,' so 笑话), and I don't see what's worth 红眼 in this 破坏性. (Cultural snippet from my dictionary - red's the color associated with the emotion in the term I've used in this part of the post, green elsewhere.)

- Ending this post with this because they're cute.

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