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I wonder how the aversion of blame spoken of here is to come about. A reset of the sort the 敌害 (IME option 2) calls for would include the one who's decided to smear its neighbors within its own language, so I'm watching for the attempt to include shifting responsibility for the characters used in the language input to some techie at 微软. Even without the written language issue, the continuation of this shows the opposite intent to the words spoken. (Have to add this to the compilation - 你们不要 reset. Irrationally claiming more of another culture is an effective way to worsen relations, Hillary.)

Speaking of 微软, if a fella insists on trying to convince me that talk radio is worth listening to, then he's doing just fine at it. Got at least one dead comedian who knows the difference between feet and meters. (Language alert.) I'd like to think skin tone doesn't matter with that sort of debacle - however, since all I've got are articles and bits of spoken dialogue on the topic, maybe there's some nuance I'm missing in how expecting less of a person based on race is somehow the opposite of racist. Maybe I'm old-fashioned in thinking there's a difference between helping a person reach a high bar versus lowering the bar itself, but this is one reason I still say the aliens were right to nope out.

While I'm on nuances I may have missed, why is the party that insists on women's rights continuing to insist on promoting one group at the cost of another? (Hadn't seen that bit on MMA, and if the choice of transgenderism is influenced by family or community, then I think the tie to FGM is warranted.) I hear echoes of the argument earlier used against men now being used to justify that which diminishes women, about protection for a community throughout multiple professions.

The opinion piece mentions standards for fields in which physical traits are measured to gauge a person's ability to perform the tasks necessary. It's not about one person's own courage in joining these professions, as I've heard proponents of these protections claim - I think it's only right to have an accurate measure of who can best lift and pull someone out of a dangerous situation, or to eliminate the concern over which bathroom or barracks to use when there's a laundry list of other concerns (including being shot at). I expect this would have also reduced any related court proceedings, because if they happen among men and women, they'll happen among trans people.

As much as it would benefit me to look elsewhere, this is where I choose to focus.

Ending with this because it's both puzzling and get your mind out of there, naughty. First sleep videos, now this - what? Watching a person in the flow of studying? Was this originally meant to be research on how people study and just migrated to the realm of niche entertainment? Maybe it's supposed to be soothing (yep, according to a commenter in the text), or training for really long stakeouts? Because for the former, that animated jazz girl on the music compilation vid serves the purpose. For the latter... well, aliens.

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