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How many times have I used eyes back on?

- While I'm relieved to see the stance being taken here, I'm inclined to find other matters around the occasion something of a distraction from a weak argument to which there's a simple solution. If the guy on the radio's got a point about using the ubiquitous smartphone camera as a means to transmit voting information, then the lack of an office supply store in rural areas is a relatively simple problem to overcome.

- Bit of a tangent to the above, but I'm comfortable with making the connection between one regime and its duplicate party on this side of the ring, both of whom show that the use of pop culture to sell an ideology is as global an idea as any. If I hadn't had some practice enjoying material from people whose politics I disagree with to the point of abhorrence, I might ouch a bit harder at this news.

- Like I'm going to give up keeping an eye on all this nibbling. Condolences to the people undergoing hardship under the neighboring regime, but this sounds far too similar to recent events on that peninsula.

- Adding these articles on the same issue because they've brought up the question: what's the risk calculus, 微软'?

- Addendum: speaking of abhorrent...

- Ending with this because it's a fascinating use for origami.

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