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Eyes front.

For someone to continue despite being attacked on all sides is worthy of esteem, despite the brashness that cost him my vote. For him to continue suggesting solutions (is it true that a drug without a patent wouldn't net much in the way of profit?) to a problem is more laudable than the hat-screeching that seeks to make every one of his moves questionable. To care for oneself with fast food and golf instead of giving up on the quagmire that insists on clamoring tediously around him is something that would make even me consider changing my write in choice. (Though seriously, if nothing's broken you yet, the odd samosa won't either.)

And check the reaction of the celebrated face-palmer to the accolades he's gotten.

Praise matters less than how these people function in their current situation.

So to those who crow over the flaws of others because of their own fears or boredom, to use schadenfreude to ease their own losses or the likelihood of another four years of the same administration, such a bad act is as craven as it is premature. (How true is it that another head of state has a questionable line of succession, and - in comparison to the possible loss of that person, not to mention the well-being of his own country - how important is a possible treatment pushed by an undesirable incumbent of this one?)

Also, in case anyone's lost sight of another constantly troublesome issue, it's interesting to see 伊朗 on the geography study list.

Sheesh. Need to sort your priorities.


Screech over a patchwork system that exists, or work around it. If there's a concrete problem in a lack of a system, of resources, and of leadership within certain states, I'd like to think those states aren't going to ignore a problem within their borders, whether there are federal systems in place or not. What would it take to get someone from a place with a working system to work with a place that doesn't - a computer with a camera? When it comes to resources, what can be redirected from where? When it comes to leadership within these states, if the feds aren't available, then who's willing to do so within those hospitals? Who's asking questions about this part of the situation?* Or are they too busy canceling broadcasts that aren't gold-star approved?


* There's at least one state that's gathering resources and has the capacity to send it out to other states. The incumbent has a platform on which he's speaking about the states' capacity to do for themselves (testing in particular, at least in the quote included in the article). If states have that capacity, what does that leave the fed side free to do?

I wonder if thanks might be in order for speaking about that capacity, even if congratulations are not for leaving those states without a federal standard - at the very least, leaving the briefings as they are in order to preserve that precious freedom of speech.

(Just playing with stock photos.)

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