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Face front, tip forward

First off, not the most recent occurrence of yet another set of keywords in dubious tool recommendations that don't apply to me, but I'm putting it up for whoever might need it - and wasn't there a bar thing like this? (Yep, and I still wonder whose input is pushing these into the feed.)

Secondly, found the video I was looking for earlier, audio and all - the audacity of me to keep looking for the visual record with music and dialogue! They're your party's words, policies, and narrative, cap-toothed politician, compared to outcomes - here, in your state in particular. If quotes and related links to observations from more than one network count as ruthless, then so be it. (Is it reassuring to know that there was a recall other than yours?)

Adding this to point out an attempt to conflate intelligence, adaptability, and social integration with the term "woke." Right now the hallmarks of that term hereabouts are meaningless apologies and casual, unnecessary - uh, misinformation. From these articles, the gist I get is that tolerance within 豺狼政权's troops is practiced because of the need for soldiers rather than accepted into the population at large. Considering 熊兄弟国人 have those qualities as well - they seem to understand the R&D they "borrow" well enough, as well as adapting ideology using their own country's characteristics - it takes more than adding a unicorn patch to define "wokeness" as a characteristic of an effective military.

Adding this because the answer to "where's Lotus?" is apparently "how about nowhere near the border she was assigned to?"

Switching this to play with sound and architecture.

Ending with this because I wonder if there's a way that specific plant's seeds could be transported in rain.

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