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Faith or frenzy?

I revisited a site that I thought better to leave behind because it went too far with certain topics. I'm glad I changed my mind, because despite the mess, it's posted information that I haven't seen from official sources. Yet again, an authority figure refuses to listen to his own, though he be on his knees seeking a brother's help.

Uncertainty, I'll admit to, but of some things I'm certain. To shore up an institution's waning influence by appealing to the love and trust of a government, when those pretty words are contingent on obedience to that government rather than the tenets on which that institution was founded, is an act that convinces me that what I left behind has changed for the worse. To fall prey to the same filthy addiction decried in others is an act that convinces me that what I left behind is unenviably corrupt, and isn't something I'd want to go back to.

I'm not liking where that bridge is bound, or what it's paved with, though if the bridge-builder's deaf to those close to him, no amount of noisy outsider's going to reach him.

On a related note, I wasn't joking about the foot-hip-toddler fervor surrounding religious observance. If that kind of fervor is what the fella with the keys is looking for, ignoring those who still believe is one way to lose what's sought, no matter whose PR he seeks to hijack. Thanks to yet another writer for reminding me to be wary of such a thing in any gathering.

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