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Fake war?

This is entirely real, and entirely pervasive. (Of all the sites at dead comedian junction, this is one whose balance I regard highly, for all that I choose the more conservative pieces; as well as a boon to one who finds oneself near enough to the junction as it is with these posts.)

Taking education as an example - literature's under fire, as is math, so why not add science and history to the mix?

Yes, there's more than Newton in physics, but if it's wrong to acknowledge his work on the fundamentals by using his name, then it's wrong to acknowledge anyone else's work using their names as well.

I'd like more reasons to laugh at 你们要 和平共处, but there are fewer reasons to do so when those whose judgment I otherwise respect nevertheless speak with echoes of these articles, the effect of colonialism on non-Western peoples. (Pachamama comes to mind, politician in a cassock, as does the term "chastity" to defend inaction.)

Within my experience, the issue in question is a part of religion (no longer mine), language (mine-ish), literal blood (entirely mine). The people who long ago made themselves part of these facets of life, through coercion or outright force, are dead, beyond accountability, apology, or forgiveness. I'd rather celebrate a national hero in April, if I remember my history correctly (and I do), but I'm still keeping the leche flan, the putang ina, and the grandmother who meowed at me when she entered a room. (She's not the one who was lethal with a slipper, but it's probably for the best neither one's around to hear me swear.)

Next example, employment - the title of this article begs the question of why that's so. Is it discrimination based on race or did each individual that contributed to those statistics make mistakes that earned them lower grades? Looking further into the article answers that it's the latter - good grades before entering law school means a likelihood of good grades in law school, regardless of skin tone. Low grades before law school from a student who's in to fulfill a quota shows results that end up in the title of an article. (Is it a lack of creativity, I wonder, that makes this part of the post sound like an echo of an earlier one?)

I'd like to think numbers reduce the effect of emotion on difficult decisions ('bias driving outcomes,' for example, or 'expectations of behavior'); and if I'm simplifying this correctly, law is a profession where one person speaks on another's behalf. Looks to me like both numbers and speech are being eroded here, and that woke supremacy just deprived a person of a job.

There are points other than those two for which I haven't yet found an example, sickle; but with the pervasiveness of the ideology in question, they'll come up soon enough, and hopefully with more context than a single quote. (Sigh.)

- On inflation: the graph I posted earlier showed low rates, with an uptick in the most recent numbers. A speaker on the radio spoke of rates going up. Now this article voices a similar concern. Adages that recommend low debt (addendum: now you ask?) continue for a reason, so however moot this point is at this point, if there's anything that went into that stimulus package that shouldn't have, I'm on the side opposite the people who spoke for those inclusions.

- With all the news coming down the proverbial pike (you've made your choice, 微软), I don't think I've come across this site before; however, it's one I'd like to keep an eye on. (Unintended pun. It's staying.) Addendum - which point of 和平共处五项原则 does the information here make a mockery of?

- Adding these moments of laughing at myself for belatedly recognizing cultural connections:

君子报仇 十年不晚 - This article got me wondering about the length of a term, and how it relates to the last half of that adage. Two five-year terms really aren't enough, apparently; and if the article in that first link's a reminder of something I'd read before, then I'm glad it came back up.

敌害 - the definitions I've focused on for this term are "enemy" and "predator," which I used for the same reason I did 掠夺者 before it (狼), but another one is "pest." Accidental 天鹅 downgrade to 麻雀, but I can live with that.

- Ending with this because I don't like lasagna either, but if grocery shopping like last year's happens again, it'll come in handy.

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