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Faulty filter bubble?

From in-laws to midair "accidents" to tips on online profile bios, it's as if these highlighted stories on my recommendations still can't figure out what relationship advice to target to my situation. Makes me glad that I won't see whether those dating app photos have fellas wearing shirts or not, or if they started out with cats and were updated to remove them. However, if a study mentioned in these recommendations some days ago, the one about men and pets in profile pics, resulted in an uptick in abandoned cats at shelters and elsewhere, I'm quite content to save my space for apps I'm actually going to use and my time for someone I can actually respect.

Now for the larger issues - why are this and this happening overseas, but this is happening here? Also, why are the stories about people in leadership positions within these borders (and I don't necessarily mean political leaders) more likely to feature some round, hairy-faced fellow named Marx? It's enough to make a girl consider new paperwork.

That rant's taken care of - you can go back to panicking over Ophiuchus now. Go on.

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