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Feels like numbers are showing up a bit more here

- On its face, I ought to agree with this article, but I think I need to read it more carefully before I can agree wholeheartedly with an appeal to the head, mostly because I'm unfamiliar with the studies to which it refers. This, however - for all that it's across the pond, it does address many of the same issues that exist locally, and in a manner that elicits a more immediate <i>this</i>. There's a difference in the language and emotion, but I find these two articles imply their related publications would be in agreement regarding the issues they address, not just because an event I commented briefly on earlier happened to be the prompt for the second (different late night host, same twit's-too-soft-a-word nature).

Across the board, from people who want to stay safe on the streets (because I'm guessing defunding would drive away those who don't show up on the news) to people who want better education (because I'm guessing global scores reflect the erasing of literature or having I and II equal 鱼), I see ever more reason to choose the stance I've already taken. I may have stopped commenting through here, but I haven't changed my mind on this: if skin tone is the basis to determine one's need of help or efforts to help, then the problem isn't external and systemic, but internal and all-too-human. (On literature, I wonder if Screwtape Proposes A Toast been canceled - uh, consequenced - yet, and how effective the use of a Restricted Section would be. Has to be quite extensive at this point, what with all the additions.)

If I remember correctly, there's at least one sports player who provided bikes and food to students and an entertainer who covered medical school fees - it's a sight better than complaining about what other people aren't doing while choosing to prioritize purses and real estate for oneself.

- I find it essential to have access to various points of view, and having seen outright retconning is the reason I take the use of "loving it" in the title of this article with a grain of salt. Also, the distinction these articles make between 85% of a population and 85% of people watching is something I find especially important when keeping on one's guard.

- Considering the regime doesn't accept any challenges to its leadership, even from those within who can point them out to their benefit, it's little trouble to "not accept" anyone else's from without. So while this is good to hear, it's in an environment that includes all of these articles here, and I keep this narrative in mind.

- Weren't there memes about this issue, along the lines of if one shops at (x) or owns (y), one doesn't have to worry about these tax increases? (I'll tuck these articles in here as well, group the financials together.)

- Fun with recommendations: I don't do Hollywood, dubious tool, so congratulations on earning my respect for your algorithms' assumptions on a level to match the respect I have for this publication.

- Ending with this bit of such things are possible - if the two-with-a-distant-third organizations I linked to earlier work with trellises for climbing vegetables and rooftop planters, they might address both the food desert problem and the heat problem in this article. A living sunscreen in front of a window, indoors or on a balcony, would provide shade along with food if one chooses, say, bean plants. (I think I've mentioned this before, but not necessarily here - two varieties I've tried that work both as whole green beans and shelled dried beans are Scarlet Runners, which are easier to grow but whose pods get leathery when left on the vine too long; and Trail of Tears, which begin as less robust seedlings but taste comparable to grocery store beans.)

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