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- Taking a pause to mark the occasion is understandable, so long as one understands the scrutiny will resume soon enough, as it should.

On such a day, with opinions on what it represents ranging wildly from one side to the other, what I was and am makes it easy to choose which side I'm on, and it isn't Empire. (Apropos of nothing, and countering prior instruction, what is requires an exercise from what was.) Another factor that simplifies my choice is the ideological bent of those who decide to judge pie and pâté the way they do. (My, policing language and food does make these woke rubes a monstrously miserable lot.)

Find a way to enjoy the day, reader, whether it's a holiday for you or not.

- One does not doubt the will of a 十 times 十年, only the intent that's earned this deficit and continues to repeat lines on outdated mentalities. On the subject of scrutiny, a regime that has enough resources to have others sweep its history underneath the rug needs additional history to understand its perennial sense of victimhood as well as the odd person to air out what's underneath that rug, especially when that regime continues its utmost efforts to silence any such people.

Along these lines, I think I questioned in an earlier post whether or not I was oversimplifying matters regarding a 国 that provides a loan for a construction project, a project built by a construction company from that 国, to a country now responsible for a heavy loan burden. Vocab: 蒙特内格罗 - and if the IME and dictionary match, these character choices have a distinct air of still there, 微软.

(Note to self - they don't match. The fourth character the IME shows doesn't match the dictionary, but it's between the noun for 'elder brother' and either the noun for a checked pattern or the literary 'impede.' The first character keeps that air of 微软's playing ball.)

The above isn't a pretense to intuition, Miss Cleo, it's observation. How many other, similar examples can one observe?

- I wonder what my grandparents would think of this partnership, even as I applaud it.

- Ending with this because, even though the order in which these art class snippets are sorted reduces the comedic effect of some of them, this bit's still a laugh.

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