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Foot alignment

As it happens, I do enjoy a nap after a snack, and my heart belongs to me, but that's beside the point. (Okay, fine, it belongs to dictionaries as well.) Regarding today's focus, the longer it takes me to find an answer, the longer I stay till I get an answer I can use.

Tangent to that focus is a finding that the application of reading material is only effective absent evidence to the contrary and to previous instances of its application. Is one party in debt because of a construction project and its ties to a 政权? Is this pattern repeated across multiple parties unrelated except for their ties to a 贷方 that seeks to shift the onus for its abuse elsewhere? If both situations are the case, the repeated application of reading material only muddies the optics, and 豺狼政权 是 污浊 enough as it is. (On a economic side note, was the river comparison really a wise choice in such a climate? On an international relations side note, vocab 立陶宛. On a playing with words note, I wonder if 豺狼贷方政权 makes grammatical sense.)

Adding this article because A) it must be acknowledged that the river thing's happening in more places than one and B) for a moment, I thought the photograph had been flipped for effect. The carving's alignment means it's not intended to be read through the photographer's eyes, but the carver's, who lay on the rock belly-flat to write it. Which makes continuing competition over such resources both understandable and increasingly more injurious to those downstream.

Adding an article to salute that which counters 污浊豺狼政权 continuing actions (I wonder if 酒肉朋友 noted what's happened in his constituents' own experience when dealing with still there 微软).

Adding these articles because even a person who's allowing the rewrite a pass is applying the words "out of touch" to one side of the divide, and the fundraising e-mail wants to hawk its yard signs?

...I like cats.

Ending with this because "that thing you found in New Mexico" has a beat to it.

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