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Forgoing the niceties

Considering who these elites support, I quite agree with the opinion mentioned in this article, so I'll list a few specific, and in some cases recent, examples in the news cycle.

This, Rodrigo Duterte, is what you've tried to appease.

This, Joseph Biden, is what your family profited from.

This, Pope Francis, is who benefited from your silence.

This, Hollywood, is what you edited your movies for.

This, NBA, is what you caved to.

This, John Cena, is what you've just apologized to. (And the director's from there? I wonder how he took that video.)

This, Joy Behar, is not a matter of 'lucky he was right.'

I'm willing to consider that, for example, the sports shoe sales might be from inventory on hand since before the boycott mentioned here; and that dribs and drabs of acknowledging a problem are an attempt to remedy the earlier silence complicit in that same problem. I'm even willing to allow that I don't have information on whether or not that particular family member's stake still exists a month after related reports. (Note that I mention only one particular family member.)

Despite those considerations, I oppose what these people have chosen on behalf of so many, and I'm glad there's more awareness of how far past time it is to acknowledge the situation as it stands.

Ending with these articles because 1) they might come in handy sooner rather than later and 2) vegan or not, they're delicious.

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