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Four left, two right

Thicker skin on fingertips and along joints comes with the territory. (Maybe five and five instead.) The figurative concept is useful in other situations as well.

Keeping an eye on this gathering. and linking it to this - eastern ties run through both linked articles, and crossing my fingers on those admissions spoken of in the first. (If I'm interpreting the port issue correctly, it's not control of the physical location that can be seized, but - if it's a similar situation to vocab: 乌干达 - a cash equivalent? Terms still sound like a debt trap.)

Adding this because I'm glad of another reason to beef up the list. And since the platform mentioned in this article has allowed an audience to see what it needs to assuage any burnnnnnnnnnning curiosity - though I'll agree on the risks with yet another eastern tie, I don't mind following this story with a weather eye. Crossing my fingers on the new guy at the helm being able to handle - seriously, 你们的国歌? - as well as the board.

Ending with yet another reason to keep my capo close by. Who knew combining grip with torso makes for clearer chords?

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