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Fresh deliveries!

Books are so informative, aren't they? I do enjoy expanding my library. Ran into some interesting info that, while my favorite superhero uses it to great effect, it's a mark of intelligence - elsewhere exists, as does elsewhen, if distantly, so is elsewho a word? - can keep.

My, what a reaction I had to this because no, that lot doesn't get to pat anything after having done their part to put a dangerously senile old man in that sort of position using the very cherry-picking methods they're trying to defend in him. One down. Keep going. (A search for the terms "finally admits" pulls up more than heavily biased newscasters, so here are those articles as well. ...Belated realization that patting anything would be especially dubious for the fella heading out.)

Adding these because if counterweights aren't enough, graphs are handy to illustrate what's flagged.

For my part, I'm watching what's left of the time these politicians have in office, and when the time comes, voting for whoever isn't them.

Recapping vocab 立陶宛, 拉脱维亚, 爱沙尼亚, as well as 香港, 澳洲.

Ending with this because these potatoes I like.

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