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From needle to compass

To start, here's a piece on media and perception. Nothing really moving, more of an explanation of how things work.

Next up, one person's observation of current events and an opinion based on experience within her industry, laying out what is and isn't within that experience and asking questions about those events; and a commenter whose vitriol I recognize all too well. I'm surprised that this writer was accused of an opposing bias when her work brought her into contact with organizations more likely to be on the accuser's side of the divide. (If any of those organizations looks familiar, лгун, go ahead and put that in your feed.)

I'd like to think the writer of the second article is less likely to be polarized by comments such as the first one posted beneath it.

Anyway, here are some articles in which these concepts are applied.

- If even these bellwethers are so affected by the policies in their neighborhoods, then what effect do those policies have on others without their platform?

- Also, some articles I wanted to keep handy regarding big tech and not-so-big news, and something from earlier about a regime's predatory activity that's no less active for being covert. This presents, among other points, the view that the regime in question simply broke cover too early.

- Ending with this because it kicks on several different levels.

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