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There's something to be said about the systems in place in countries that didn't require the repressiveness of their larger neighbor to handle their COVID-19 situation. There's nothing to be envied about a government that relies on making people disappear or otherwise silencing people to make itself look good.

The gist I'm getting is that the news media, by taking steps like pre-empting parts of broadcasts or canceling them in their entirety, is engaging in the same sort of behavior. I can acknowledge the need for change, but I continue to question how much of this change is for the better when the worst of one reflects the worst of the other, and along partisan lines. It's especially surprising coming from those who fight against being gagged. (Unless it's for fun.)

However, I think that my question is answered to some extent in the walkbacks and admissions that have occurred more recently, from cough ships around here to cough masks down under to numbers not coughing who might spread a cough. (Samosa.) If this change is a result of a set of numbers obtained from more than the one set of eyes I can be sure are in this scenario, that's good to know, and encouragement to this bit of noisy fringe to keep eyes on the news. I'm interested to see just how much more of these changes will occur, and how the more casual publications will reflect them.

(On a side note, I'm guessing that one country apologizing for another's low-accuracy equipment is more likely due to religious considerations than otherwise. Still, there's reason to applaud the progress of 二十,三十,四十.)

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