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Funny what study material ties into

Considering still there, 微软, I'd be surprised if (there are at least 九角 shown in this thing, and according to the 郎世宁 article, there may be at least 十三角) 琵琶 音乐家 的 名字 isn't a play on words. (Two?) Isn't there an awareness of food allergies in traditional medicine? (不是鱼. Huh. 是贝. Turns out my first guess was accurate à la cabbage.)

The For You tag hasn't shown up on the recommendations for a considerable amount of time; however, there's still a repetition of key words in the headlines that show up, let alone within the writing itself. Articles pointing to search engine Mad Libbers and on word clouds for the newly elected mean that I've more than enough information to continue viewing material in my feed the same way I have since at least this social experiment. My condolences to those working nights on the webcam, but I have to ask, 河蟹 不要 人人 翻出 实情 吗? (Also, imminent.)

Adding a note on dead tree study material tying to those broadcast and in the feed - poetry frequently shows four syllables to a line. (Turns out it's a good thing I went to the 英语-subtitled version - 蜂蜡 here is 琥珀. Also, 抵抗, 女人.)

Ending with this because I didn't see picks on the study material, so I wonder if this specific modification was a historically accurate available alternative.

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