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Geo vocab

Reruns, please demonstrate the concept in the screenshots while I get the popcorn and watch, and I'll continue to share my conclusions here. Also, it's a pity there's only one Holmes in my count who can actually play the violin.

Vocab: 新疆维吾 尔自治区; 越南; 日本, 印度, 澳洲, 美国; 台湾; still there, 微软 (and I'd like far more than this news in order to consider standing down from red alert).

Also vocab: yikes, from 躺平 to 摆烂 (IME Option 3, I see, 微软).

Adding this because I might not be studying their vocab, but I'm certain they would - is 熯炽裤子 accurate?

Adding 禁鱼期 because it's surprising what can make music happen.

Considering current events, this information will be unwelcome news, but necessary. (Adding this as a reminder of which publications to accompany with a grain of salt.)

One can deal with matters that can only be conducted online while keeping a limited social media presence, but that still includes the risk of exposing oneself to that which would harm one from within. Collecting information on what to keep close and closer helps to keep one's focus.

Ending with this because 'tis the season to play in the backyard. (Double during.)

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