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There was an argument made on the radio about "passion without consequence" and, if I remember correctly, how sports was one of the few areas where people could feel that deeply about something without coming to blows over it. (Then again, football hooligans are a thing.)

People want escapism, be it through books, movies, or sports - the chance to yell about something other than what they're really dealing with or to see another perspective on their own situation. In the middle of this mess, it's no surprise that there are those willing to take the risk to see a game. It's also no surprise that they're willing to show their displeasure when even this form of recreation displays the very mess these fans took a risk to escape.

Sports aren't my preferred form of getaway, but I can see something of the hooligan's attachment to a favorite ballgame in the rush of reading broomsticks and bludgers at full volume. (Seriously, Book One's sports commentary read a la 3:06-3:26.) Thing is, I find it difficult to see the unity in a movement considering a separate anthem. (Speaking of reading the room, if sports viewer ratings are any indication, there's some quantifiable disagreement on "the only way to perceive" the politics in their ballgames.)

I suspect the desire for escapism is even more pronounced when trapped at home and faced with the risk of a power failure, whether or not there's a red sky above. I'm not surprised such a desire would grow in a population whether or not they're under the control of politicians who brag about having a state economy to rival that of a small country, who insist on their rights to control lockdown-related matters without federal interference, who refuse federal aid when it's offered, and who complain about a lack of national leadership. I can't even bring myself to find too much fault with those who would dox a hypocrite or two. Pity, not reverence, is the lens through which to view those who would look a disaster in the face and remain unseeing. (Though I'm sure the script helped that blindness along.)

Because when the definition of "living your best lives" involves so much pontification from those who don't have to suffer the consequences their sermons demand, one does not kneel to those who sold so much to be here. (And that's one nasty quilt, grandma.)

(Although considering new developments in technology, it might be a good idea to sell more than a house, if one is fortunate enough to have one that isn't on fire.)

- I just remembered a little gift that took a decade off my soul (thanks, Mr. McBarbecue) so I'd like to add this before I forget: many are already aware that protests and political campaigns have evolved, but if not, heads up when downloading a game that presents an ad in return for doubling resources.

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