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Why is it that the smallest ones take more of a stand? Currently, that's vocab 香港, 立陶宛 (several times), 台湾, 乌克兰, (adding 芬兰 and 瑞典), 图瓦卢, 波兰.

At least these developments here are a good thing to see, though I wonder why some of the larger entities waited so long to get into the conversation on these issues - which now includes 豺狼熊兄弟 fits better than 金融家 who muzzle and call it quarantine.

Adding this as an example of unconventional combat.

Adding this because the photograph makes for interesting information on who thought their decisions belonged in a woman's uterus to start with. Also because - oh my, how's parking? Everybody still Not Dead?

Also, in the midst of a rerun that covers rhinoplasty and brings to mind similarly casual procedures, adding these articles here because TL; DR (to be fair, it is lengthy) B is based on A, but A is based on something invalid - checking a precedent's precedent and finding it lacking (IIITC, several precedents on which A was based "were overruled in toto," removing decisions that didn't support A). It looks like a lot of crossing and dotting (scrutiny not required for "a medical procedure only one sex can undergo" unless regulations around it are "designed to [cause] discrimination"), historical examples (what, eight centuries?), and reluctance to support a right not mentioned in the foundation document.

This is getting long, so I'm moving it - one of the earlier articles used the phrase "predictably vitriolic;" what is abortion but dominion over a body not one's own, especially considering the ability to define women was discarded in the first place? (There's a mention on "sex-based classification" in the decision document that addresses both writer and cited source of 'predictably vitriolic.' And something else just occurred to me - if the argument is that childbirth is labor that requires compensation, using surrogates as an example, surrogates are the last people to want an abortion for non-therapeutic purposes.)

The people in question both went back to the absolute basics and worked with precedent, though I can understand why the hysterical (word origin!) coverage is perfectly valid to those used to being shown and fed plastic.

Ending with this because curios.

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