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Got some clouds up in that insight?

Takes more than stars or cardboard for me to choose which way my vote goes, but I wonder what this issue has going on that would drive her choice. Maybe there's some information there that a politician might have access to that would lead to ignoring the different alternate origins that country she calls respectable has suggested for the current pandemic. Or ignoring the outbreaks from earlier this year of avian flu that hit poultry supplies and the swine flu that hit pork supplies (again) and bubonic plague that hit a bit further west in that same country. Or the months' worth of delays to an investigation and the admission by the head of a health organization of susceptibility to political pressure.

I'm sure years of experience would make her more aware of the risk of creating an opening to similar actions against the government she's actually a part of (not entirely sarcastic on this point), and appeasing a source of income for so many of her constituents is just a bonus.*

However, I think I'll listen to this instead, thanks.

* Speaking of constituents and income -

Look at the institutions of culture and higher learning who have had to apologize for their views.

Look at the controversial gender views for which a geriatric comedian has had to gentle his own speech.

And what's the coverage on this issue, or is skipping that tidbit a better option?

Now look at who these people are more likely to be a fan of, and reconsider that title.

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