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Groceries again

Is this about feeding family members or to sell the stolen items to those who are? That much product means either it's meant for way more than one family or (unless these 12 are freely distributing that product) to be resold in order to profit those who stole the items in the first place. (The additional information fits better here.)

I'm just speculating on this line, but when legitimate businesses close down, employees lose jobs, customers have fewer options to access these products, and even more people have to rely on illegal lifelines "to feed and clothe their kids." (Not to mention the illegal lifelines have to find new targets because the businesses they initially stole from closed down, maybe raise prices to offset risk of that illegal lifeline thing.)

But hey, keep going with the cops are the monsters here, painting-picture-portrait-bartender, not the people they caught. (And speaking of ineffective politicians... wild.)

Adding this article because -nomy goes beyond just fitting in, and this one as a reminder that even as a long-standing news network punches down, its own mess spreads nevertheless.

Digressing to remind myself about custard.

Ending with this to remind myself of keywords.

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