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Guess what's on TV?

It's a lovely documentary series, the previous episode of which featured dancers with very pretty umbrellas, and the current episode of which features writings from a fella named Ricci. O source of Britcoms and mysteries, how much were you paid* to air this?

* Sources of funding must be terrible for this broadcaster for it to accept such blatant propaganda, and it was a serious temptation to snark about the aforementioned station's other broadcasts, namely shows for more impressionable audiences. From the symbols of the 香港 protesters made colorful and adorned with silver streamers, to a venerable old cleric with black garments and a white dog collar, to an ancient traveler's comparison of the warlike nature of certain countries and their neighbors, the topics this series addresses shows how change has affected the station that broadcasts it, and not for the better. If the news I've read on this show is accurate, this local broadcaster isn't the only station airing it.

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