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Have I been photographing a definition of related plants?

I pickled the onions and roasted the garlic in oil and salt, keeping the bases for more food down the line. Heck, I've already nipped bits of garlic leaves for a snack as it is; and if I remember correctly, there are several articles that discuss regrowing scallions for multiple harvests, so long as there's enough of a base from which to grow and enough nutrients to feed that growth. Yes, I do remember correctly.

What I'm wondering about is the term 躺平, "lie flat," which I remember being tied to leeks (related plant) undergoing repeated harvests without their resources being replenished. Ah. Chives, here. ...Related plant. (Incidentally, garden-fresh is best.)

Along with that musing, as I read about a muster

made up of people who have to compare their nearest to the moon,

there's the question of what a corresponding term would be in 한국어.

Incidentally, that's tied to why I switched the number to 一百九十八.

Adding these to laugh at a 豺狼, and as a reminder of how anything can be a weapon when used in such a way.

Perhaps this clip illustrates the point more clearly, in 你们的话. 豺狼 has yet to convince anyone of Stage Three readiness. With the exception of pinks, of course.

Said it before. Not ready for aliens. But yay listening comprehension! 人, 剑.

Adding these articles for those who "fOlLoW tHe ScIeNcE." Replacing a screed because the links are enough of a reminder of Edelman and (if I've got the name right) Nielsen. (Got it right.)

Adding this video to wonder where the woman works - did I hear correctly that she's grateful for her days off so she can sell food to her co-workers whose nearest decent meal is either a 30-minute drive away or paired with an extortionate delivery fee? (That's where.) Also because lumpia. (No worries - makaintindi, makasabot.) Was that sweet and sour sauce?

Penultimate this because of rainfall that clarified an earlier video.

Ending with this because it's a toss-up between these and artichokes. (Or cardoons? ...Related plant!)

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