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Have I used a title about comedians and jokes already?

I think I'll count this issue as another 'comedian-just-joking-but-not' moment. I already know the choice I made on this front, but I also don't mind more information to inform my perception of any sincerity on the part of these entertainers; or for that matter, the politicians with whom they stand. It took two sides for the shutdown used as a comparison here, and obstinacy's a pattern. As, it seems, are financial issues. Am I meant to take the mayor's paper as seriously as I do these clowns? (Adding these articles in order to keep an eye on how that unity thing's going.)

On the topic of who to take seriously, it's good to know which side is more concerned with political majority than the budget in this scenario. The radio did help point me to details I might not learn about otherwise - what's that 1974 thing about pork barrel spending?

Continuing to 看 these bits of news here (looks to me like the term 'Quad' has been coming up more frequently in this space). Condolences to the family, but for crying out loud, let there be no connection between чай and 茶. (Still there, 微软.)

Ending with this because however presumptuous, repetitive, and wrong this topic recommendation is, the article's still fascinating.

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