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Having fun on that tightrope?

If I want to make those noodles fresh, they require a chemical solution to develop the correct texture and flavor, so I'm wondering if there's a nearby shop that makes fresh noodles for sale, though I'm almost certain the solution itself is bottled (in glass with a yellow label, if memory serves).

Is it true that the jury in one recent high-profile case wasn't sequestered, as I heard on the radio? Is it true that there are exceptions in the law that allowed the possession of the weapon associated with that case, and that information from witnesses for the prosecution weighed in favor of the defense? With this information, why does a head of state say the one case is "our justice system doing its job" and imply that the other (the no-sequestration one) is somehow less so? Even though one person can "stand by what the jury has concluded" and also say "myself included" to an outcry over a verdict, I agree that any call for unity would be better served by something other than the second soundbite.

Keeping an eye on this issue for more reasons than rediscovered music.

Including this article for kicks and giggles.

Ending here because this tightrope is actually funny.

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