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Holdover title so I don't have to rely as much on memory and open tabs

Rerun of a broadcast from earlier in the week, and while it's reassuring to hear of developments further east, I'm sure the speaker's aware of vocab 俄国, 北韩, 伊朗, 巴西, 南非. (Ah, better add vocab 委内瑞拉.) There, of course he is - he'd already started speaking about it as I started the vocab list. (It's between this and traditional opera, and... well, ow.) Got a mention on something that sounds like sih-fee-ous (?) in the general context of IP theft, as well as still there 微软 expanding bases; and I wonder as always, considering the letter in parentheses, if and how frequently this material is rebroadcast, and during what time slots. (Adding these articles for an eye on the tech front.) Recalling an earlier post on firearms, in which (if I remember correctly) I'd noticed something about aiming that applies to more than the one type of weapon.

Replacing an acknowledgement of yikes, is that what you lot have to do for sales nowadays? (40%.)

Ending with this because the game show is part of the food show.

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