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Horse bits in more than the background noise

Because beats and shouting have their uses when applied in the proper context.

I felt it appropriate to include this article, which popped up on the feed recently and made me wonder about things like lazy clickbait-thumbnail associations and rewriting definitions to make glass-vial-of-oil-slipped-because-mAgIc card games seem like they hold any truth to them. (Reminder - check recordings on the replacement charger cable.)

It's dangerously inappropriate to apply the phrase "no need" when it comes to study material that's shown military buildup since before it was study material (still there, 微软). It's likewise inappropriate to apply the phrase to anything resembling a reduction in scrutiny for those who are too used to The Junction leaving off being the answer to quis custodiet ipsos custodes. (Reminder - caller with a comms degree on the segment regarding student loans.)

(I'm surprised this is even a question at The Junction, that proof of nepotism from a then-candidate and current president is anything but "a big deal." Yikes, you folk really did entirely leave off answering the Latin.)

Is one supposed to thank an incorrigible retconner, in any terms without a /s, for an opportunity to show compassion?

Is one supposed to thank an incorrigible gaslighter for a high inflation rate that hasn't spiked and is instead rising more slowly? (And do you really think, fundraising bulk-mailer, that your records would reflect me as any sort of volunteer for you?)

Considering the article I used as a prompt continues to choose a former administration as an example instead of the current one - for both politicians, indeed for any, I think it appropriate to not shut up.

Adding this because if I've got my vocab right, 香港加油.

Ending with this because I got curious. (Huh. Could such a harvester also function as a bird screen?)

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