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How do I say this tactfully?

It seems like there's a stretch between sightings of 其一角. There's minimal screen time showing her learning or acclimating to 其三角's - was it 家国 or 国家? Addendum: 国家, though 祖国 might fit better - with the story skewing in favor of keeping up the levels of court intrigue. It also feels like the storytelling shows more 男人 than 女人 in these later episodes. (Do explain 奴人 as Option 1 in the IME, 微软.)

I'm slightly more interested in learning how frequently the original broadcast of this study material came out. Knowing the space of time in between episodes would give a better idea of the cliffhanger effect in these stories. (And speaking of where'd the ladies go...)

Addendum - recently found info that supports a guess this series was originally a 星期一 to 五 thing. Took the writers long enough to bring 其一角 back into the picture, and in as fierce a form (unruly!) as earlier in the series. I'm on the last few eps now - wonder if the audience had this show in mind considering this started just a few months after the finale? (And why do I have the feeling that I channel-surfed onto this specific ep around that time and commented on what I saw? And even though 麻黄's familiar for the wrong reasons, let me yet count the ways.)

Back to tact - I'd expect "preserving and protecting and defending democracy" to be important to the speaker in question, but considering that's two, I'd like to link back to a few things to tie into his statements...

Massive spending on voter manipulation.

An 'extraordinary turnout' despite new voting laws, with the resulting votes bringing about, in part, a concession.

And a Sundowner that, if he acknowledges those from other nations are following elections in his country, is likely aware that they're also following his numbers.

Which puff piece on the human element can I tie this to? Not the part that memed a copy of a cartoon chick who didn't scream for them in the first place, or the part with the odd indulgence of hammering their own faces. No, Sundowner sounds more like the fella (YTA, BTW) who sabotaged a piece of necessary material in an attempt to win someone over. (How'd that pan out?)

Penultimate this because I wonder if there's a harness that holds a camera phone to one's head.

Ending with this because nice!

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