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How does "Happy Birthing Person's Day" sound? Etc.

I'll start by saying this is difficult, but the effort to reach it is commendable. (Though if I questioned the use of the term 'nauseous' in this context the first time I read this, I'll do so once more.) I say it's difficult because it's one thing to be open minded about music and food. It's quite another to see what an ideological opponent tries to portray after having spent so long displaying its opposite.

For starters, I first wondered whether "his own people" was determined in this context by a hashtag that fractures by color. The person quoted says it isn't (cookie use wrong, agree with cookie use anyway), but he does speak of a party that makes many issues (vote bribery, for example) into racial ones. (By the way, muting a guy and rattling off a list of names that you're "not" calling him is about as convincing as that cookie thing above.)

Here's an example of the spirit of cookie usage: it would be too blunt and inflammatory, for instance, to ask what portion of Planned Parenthood cases are abortions and what portion results in Catholics like Dorian; so I'll rephrase that into a line of inquiry, like how many pregnancy terminations there are in relation to the total number of people who receive healthcare from that organization.

I'd like to add this article, contradictory though the network itself is to my position on many matters. The counterpoint the second article so generously (/s) includes prods an inkling that the writer finds it difficult to buy into the counter-argument because it's likewise difficult to accept his organization's part in media manipulation. (Early COVID coverage or network nepotism makes a permanent impression, despite the network's efforts to move past the delay it took to make such exposés in comparison to its competitors.)

I raise an eyebrow at the notion that an ideological opponent has redefined a "lingua franca" coming from a writer who is, I hazard to guess, of the same mindset that might prefer a change to 'Happy Mother's Day.' It isn't so difficult to observe when one side creates new language for idealized behavior and acts contrary to how it defines that ideal. Feels something like the people who coined the terms in the first place are now abandoning those terms because of the visible contradiction between how they define these terms and what they do using these terms as justification. (The 'lingua franca' article also brings to mind a conservative show on changing minds that, if memory serves, had as a feature an agreement over the definition of certain terms used during any argument.)

To those who chose Cruella and Lady Tremaine, who chose to laud 金融家 and vilify neighbors, who still justify their actions based on their stars, not themselves (I go by my moon sign, not my sun sign, can you feel the /s), I say the very skies give the lie to these choices.

(Amended to comment on tonight's entertainment lineup - I gotta keep a closer eye on when a channel added Lady Tremaine. Speaking of forgiveness as a general concept is one thing; a mouse 're-engineering' to alienate an audience and making itself out to be the one meant to forgive those it alienates is quite another. But one is free to interpret the story on screen in any form one chooses - unless a 金融家 objects, of course.)

By the way, in relation to the article on legal ramifications for that rocket, I look at past behavior (how's quarantine handled around the nearest embassy?) and current attitudes (here because I oppose what a lame duck won't) for the likelihood of owning up to any resulting damage. Also, even without considering how much of the planet is at risk* from falling debris, the answer to this is yes.

(Was at risk, if this news is accurate; relieved I may be, but I won't forget how easily it could have been otherwise.)

- While I agree with the point made on the need for sleep, I question the choice to prioritize this over this (another reminder among many, politician in a cassock). I'm also going to add this here, since the person in question is so pleased with her work being compared to the former; and this, which surprised me not by the motives of the donors, but by how those motives were expressed in who they supported.

- Ending with this because a) I like lamb and b) I wonder if any of these recipes could include pineapple.

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