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How does one grow a spud?

A recent reminder to check for seed potatoes also brought about the thought that any seed has to be buried before it can grow.

Quick question, 熊兄弟 - how wise was it to present someone on the global stage and cause her to disappear so soon afterwards?

Such people have done this before, except those who wear the uniforms here used umbrellas last I saw them preventing news coverage.

I have the oddest feeling that this sort of reaction was something considered in the decision to isolate foreign competitors.

Digression that may just be my recommendations taking a part in my weaving a fanfic out of someone else's life, but it sure sounds like a lost man spending his gains to fill a void of his own making.

Ending with this bit of brilliance. I add this link to offer a small contribution to her work, but if it helps, so much the better.

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