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How else can one use Points and Bases?

I posted something years ago on fictional characters whose fans put them in a relationship that didn't exist in the source material and, while I can understand the attraction, I also think part of that non-canon (not cannon) material comes from some bless-their-little-heart body who confuses enjoying a randori with flirting. If I remember correctly, that post wasn't a musing about actual humans, but it could easily apply to them. Reasonably certain I mentioned in that same post the dilemma of friendships between men and women, and the automatic assumption that people of different sexes are more than friends if they choose to hang out. Now that there are so many options to define that portion of one's identity, does that assumption now become automatic for any two or more people who spend time together?

Bit of a digression, that, but more recently, I'd posted two articles about physical traits lingering for a year after transition, and those traits in relation to this article got me wondering about steroid usage in sports. The reason for banning those sorts of performance-enhancing drugs was to ensure a level playing field, which is no different from ensuring competitors play against others of the same sex. No matter how woke logic wants to pretzel this situation, if a person is naturally stronger as a male - in this case, not in comparison to other males, but to naturally born females - that is an imbalance between competitors, and it's an unkindness to pretend otherwise. Pointing out the imbalance has nothing to do with denying the right to safe access to anything on Maslow's first three levels, but by Level Four, any esteem from a win would be tarnished by that inequality in physical traits. (Unless one cultivates a Dorian-level Machiavellianism.)

And while I'm thinking of it, of course politics is performative. The rerun of a George VI biopic just after news breaks on a candidate's stammer (check listings for the associated time period) is not a coincidence,* and political campaigning within video games has had its moments in the news. Culture has replaced politics, Junction Dweller, and one doesn't have to go back five years to see that.

It's expected that one has to trawl through the usual here's-your-sign recommendations, the pale echoes of people from whom forgiveness is neither desired nor required, and snippets about golf. That's why it's a pleasure to see people who can put aside the plaid to do their jobs, and a pity they're not in public office.

(Nearly forgot to add news to 看.)

* That thing where recent events influence a broadcast lineup? Check social media and then answer me this question, if you will: how frequently has this movie been featured this weekend?

I'll end this post with this guy who has entirely too many wings, as well as this new-to-me reason to choose Trek over Wars.

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