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How else does one learn more than one's parents?

One would think that examining opposing views would hold some importance in a classroom. I've found recently that being willing to voice a conservative view shines a light on the levels of curiosity and creativity in a group. I'm also reminded by this recent inclusion in the feed of these earlier articles that speak of the drop in higher ed standards (and that's just in the one language). Doesn't make sense to me, weakening the basis for clear communication and limiting the challenges needed to strengthen discourse.

Some years ago, there was a book I'd bypassed in favor of a mystery novel next to it. (I don't remember the title of that book, but the mystery was in the C section of the bookstore.) The former, if memory serves, used improper English to reflect the fictional character's background and the trials overcome by that character. However, when the resources are provided to ease those trials, why are people then permitted to loosen their command of language to the point that their writing ends up in comedy tweet compilations? (Given the recent holiday, sell my nana chicken comes to mind. Not sell my nana's chicken.)

On that subject, I would have thought that discrimination, by its very nature, creates inequity rather than eases it, but I suppose a PhD can find better ways to twist that logic. While I can agree that providing people the same educational resources regardless of skin tone is likely to improve rates of different skin tones in white coats, saying that the problem can be cured with more of the same problem makes about as much sense as defund not meaning defund. (Digression - here's another exploration of why no wave.) If I'm interpreting this correctly, and the desired action is to direct resources to the schools that need them in order to bring them up to par with schools that have different populations, then discrimination seems to be the wrong word to describe this action. To be fair, I'm not sure what the right word would be, but I'm thinking triage might be nearer, focusing on what needs repair and can be repaired with available resources, taking skin tone out of the equation entirely.

I also would have thought that higher education is meant to clarify ideas, not muddle and muzzle them. If this is a common thought pattern in higher education, I think I'll stick with argyle.

Also, this topic wasn't something any sickle was willing to cover earlier, was it? Thanks for that note on what not to forget, such as which industries are willing to compromise their stories to make a sale (though it's good to know canon-not-cannon supports little sister taking on the big cat cowl).

Still keeping an eye on these predators, as well as on news about COVID treatments.

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