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How is this new?

And why do I have the odd feeling that this title fits the title?

- There was a puff piece earlier about a novelty plastic drinks bag somewhere in Southeast Asia (not the Philippines - and it's -na, thanks). I wondered then if the language thereabouts had a name to match its nature. Revisited that thought upon learning such a nature has now been applied to both sides of the abortion argument. Progress means men can wear makeup again - fella could do with some eye shadow, on a brush and a fork.

- From an electorate that expands definitions and changes fictional sports nomenclature to suit what they think comes an administration that finds similar rewrites acceptable. Given this information, gosh, I wouldn't know about the reason for so much complaining about that choice now. The other puff pieces currently in the feed state a preference for something new, so I'm wondering about that which implies an active preference for my favorite dead comedian's position on voting. However, I do know that I enjoy dissenting with that position while maintaining my own stance "on the other hand."

- The hot air heads I hear on the radio give me reason to dig my heels in on hairstick. Reading this gives me reason to wonder if there's something to the counterargument - I'd understand that the opposition would be found objectionable, but it was part of the CCCP; and if these labs exist, I wonder at the objection to avoidance. Wonder at it, but disagree (to clarify, with the avoidance) - after this (fuel now, as well as food?), I'm heels in on the stance that there comes a point where one hits back.

- Adding this because I wonder if the absence of home court advantage will constrain 豺狼 政权. (I regret nothing but errors in grammar.) And by all means, 隶僭, do share how these concepts track.

Cough cough.

Also, belated acknowledgement of just how much the world needed another example of 领导 无方 在 全球 范围 内 - same seat belt issue or was there another element used to gamble with those in the landing zone?

Ending with this to revisit food, fun, and fencing.

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