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How often is LOL sincere?

Huh. If this takes hold, what reason will there be for these people to play pretend? Bit beside the point.

I saw an ad yesterday for a comedy show, one that featured a skit blending a horror movie with current events. It's a humorous push to vote, not for one's own choice, but for a commonly endorsed one. Not exactly keen on being in an oubliette, but in this case, I'd rather be the person down there than the one holding the bucket. (Although it's unclear to me what qualifications a country singer has to lead a country, apart from a large following.)

That advertisement stuck in my head long enough to result in this post, but what about media involving comics who I actually think are funny? I'd like to think I mark my ballot despite the stated preferences of my favorite comedians (who, I should add, are still quite dead), and encountering this piece of news in places other than on the radio's an additional incentive to keeping to my choice. Dodging topics is expected at this point, but how long has this particular one been spoken of by one side (belaboring the point seems fitting) and ignored by the other? When even people considering the challenger have among their number those disappointed enough to speak of expecting better, this news is just another reason to hold firm.

Also, congratulations.

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