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How's that play?

First of all, here I present from stage and screen some entertaining links for those who haven't been shown or haven't sought for. (That third one was a surprise to me.)

Second of all, this development in the game comes as little surprise. Already known for ignoring international law, this 狼 is now taking advantage of current events because - with leadership on multiple fronts more concerned about audiences, optics, and presentation, and resources committed to another urgent situation - there's less chance than usual that the law it ignores will be enforced.

I may not be as well informed as some, but I can sleep knowing the choices I made with the information I had and have. Looking forward to reductions in lupine influence, and to those in the thick of things, may they find their chance to sleep well and wake rested.

- Adding this here because, considering I found the song while channel-surfing, it's oddly uplifting enough that I wouldn't presume to put limits on its versatility.

- Ending with this because it's a lift to know, not so much about oysters, but about those who can build with them.

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