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How serious is this?

It's enjoyable to find articles like this, belated though it is, in the newsfeed when those in The Junction who make of their field a - what's the word? ...Mockery. (Now has the time come, it seems, to take the meme more seriously than the news.) I'd be much obliged for those who would panic about skin color on cheery cartoon caricatures to continue doing so - it's certainly become fodder for more than my own amusement.

On a more serious note, something from earlier brought a TV movie to mind, one where an elderly woman and a young girl were sharing a quiet moment in front of the woman's house. The child, who came from a bigoted family, used a racial slur when referring to the woman. The woman, knowing that the child meant no malice (quite the opposite, if I remember the scene correctly), was nevertheless deeply hurt by its usage. (It feels like I've used this example before.)

That, however, was a movie, and found its happy-ish ever after. Out here, there are those who don't have (Honey, that was her name) the woman's knowledge, and assumptions are made, and assumptions spread, and the consequences of such assumptions have borne fruit. (Edited the second link in that last group of three. The one that's there now makes more sense in context, while the one that was there before highlights, not the headliner, but those who chose to support him.) So I ask, this depth of feeling about one aspect of life (such as decisions on more effective leadership and the motives behind those decisions - specifically the attribution of malice to a choice that was formed without it) used for something less serious (such as emoji colors) - is the correct term 'deflection,' 'displacement,' or 'projection?'

(Borne, not born, not Bourne - ah, couldn't resist.)

Adding this because it's an omen. (Vocab: 兆.)

(Adding this too, in opposition to the caricature from - what, two posts ago? An initiative to maintain and increase the usage of a language that another would erase.)

Ending with this for the flame in the game. (Vocab:台湾.)

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