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Huh. 'Blandify' is a real word.

I take this opportunity to say again - my problem's not with vegan food; my problem is with the stereotypical vegan, and this article reflects the mindset that goes with that stereotype. (I'm aware that the stereotype does not represent the entire population, do simmer down.)

As I review this particular video, it's striking how the material this comedian produced under, as he puts it, "friction" - specifically regarding, to paraphrase the interviewer, things one can't say - fits neatly with the behavior that seeks to cancel curry. (Though, to counter the comedian's statement on politics, I recall purses, suits, and four pieces of real estate that shouldn't have been posted on social media.)

If I'm reading this situation correctly, it's a mindset that, in order to make amends for past cruelty (this comes to mind, but I digress) and prevent similar future instances, it goes too far, and the innocuous gets caught in the crossfire.

There's a comedian with a joke on any topic, and this topic's no different. Earlier, I sent to a writer who dropped into my feed a message regarding division and change to a language. Well before that message, I discovered in my archive another message to the same writer. I say that the point on which that writer and I disagree is a constant which isn't bound by ideology.

There's a reason words come into and fall out of fashion, and a reason the comedian in the video is still funny. (Incidentally, the packet stuff's milder than I thought it would be.)

- Adding this bit of K-Heil as a reminder of those who fled that sort of "unwelcome, self-destructive action."

- Ending with this to celebrate little fuzzy butts in the flowers, even today.

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