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I did say guess who, didn't I?

"Why not use this ring?" Exhibit how many letters past A, ta-dah.

Are you calling ick-apologist "xenophobic" too, Mr. Bowman?

How many cases of IP theft and zero-day vulnerabilities did he ignore,

In general as well as regarding the app in question?

And do I have to add the reporters and the manipulated virality push function? All right then, here:

While I'm at it, of the number susceptible, how many are Mr. Bowman's constituents?

Once is an accident, twice a coincidence, and this is a pattern.

Speaking of patterns, "racism as a lazy argument" Exhibit how many letters past Zzzz, ta-dah.

Adding these because I only just saw them myself. Benefit of the doubt for Exhibit? (To clarify, /s.)

Adding this for water catchment policies. Incidentally, if memory serves, this is the same channel with info on how "empathy" given free rein (not reign) turned a surplus into a deficit. Not the channel with the piece I saw on the recalled DA, though; or the one with the tent city ministry. Yeesh. The more I watch, the more I wonder what hinge a politician's off that would cause him to think himself fit for national office.

Ending with this because I wonder if one could reduce the recipes' added water and salt instead of washing the sauerkraut.

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