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I gotta switch news aggregators more often

This article is another source of encouragement for me, but I find myself clenching a fist at the mention of how this information was suppressed earlier on.

A related tangent brought about by this article - what happened to that group that was meant to investigate the 传染源 of the pandemic? (I'm thinking that reading sounds a bit redundant.) Has that investigation gone forward, or did the health organization involved get bought and bludgeoned into silence again? If it finds the appropriate evidence, is it going to hold accountable the country responsible, or allow itself to be stalled outside that country's borders once more? (Also, tissues, anyone?)

This bit's unrelated, but I'd like to add - when a political opponent's family has an affect on political decisions for a country, and the effect of that family is actively being hidden, it isn't crass to want to know more, and a fair thing to question whether or not the challenger would make a viable replacement. Unless refusing to address the question of what they're hiding is an instance of being partisan rather than patriotic.

I'll just add another few bits and pieces I'd like to keep an eye on. (I'm curious as to what the cuts skipped over, but try starting at 0:20 for the video in the first link. 2:09-2:42 brings a bit of a shudder as well.)

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