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I leave it to the reader to figure what's /s

Reading this bit of news, I recall once again a driven, highly educated, intelligent woman whose mindset was such that the basic history of an artist's subject escaped her, specifically on the historical figure's use of weapons on her rescue missions.

I'll agree on the identities of the writers of the document in question, Representative Waters, and on the time period in which they lived.

It's shameful, Representative Waters, that these old White guys left behind nothing to build upon, didn't take into account any future changes that might happen once they left office and others took their turn in government.

And it is a pity, isn't it, Representative Waters, that there's no record of progress in the least for Black people since?

Oh, wait...

I don't question whether or not you've earned what you have, Representative Waters; nor do I dispute the existence of needs that have yet to be addressed. I do question whether those who think like you do have the right to lead, and I'm glad to have the right to ask such questions.

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