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I like bees. Have I said that already?

They're out and dancing, in all colors and sizes - those big fuzzy mothers are always a cheerful sight, for one; and I owe the little greenies a hotel, for all the pruning I did to those roses some years back.

The terms that drip into the feed imply The Junction still can't stand watching its choice of politician directly counter the principles it holds and hack at the prestige it thought it had, so it still looks for any reason to scapegoat, amplifying the standard sleaze in which many a politician has participated (going by hashtags) as if it's more damaging than the (do I have to say alleged?) outright treasonous misdeeds of an entire clan, the mere fraction of which The Junction would cheerfully use to crucify its ideological opposites. (The pandemic 国家 link and the laptop, you lot were forced to admit months after more conservative sources, are real - of course I'd side with those who allege Shady Pines et al are into all the shady.)

I have to acknowledge efforts to move back to center, but the reason I find Cable Opinion Network's change of motto as accurate as Meph's choice to do so, that has moved from the network in question to the one on which an old babysitter castmate now appears. It seems that, in general, the lesson hasn't sunk in at The Junction.

So sting it shall, the continuing reminder that despite all the warnings, the ugliness beneath that institution's veneer of such a level of work made the world measurably worse for themselves and for others, and the reminder that bleating leads are its most profitable selling point because it's too cowardly to push past lazy listicle puff pieces and pseudoscientific sales pitches. (And did I trigger the jawhammers at the zone by catching them out on election info?) Thank you for the reminder of how AA and Narcan function, and of the resources for those who seek such sensation elsewhere.

Adding this in case Dorian and Plan B still intend to oppose progress to 50.

Adding this to remind Finger-The-Mirror about his choice regarding higher office.

If I've added this before for vocab 台湾, I'll gladly re-up the link.

Ending with this because dishes.

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