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I really do love dictionaries

Seriously unmoored without one nearby. (Got back in time for my favorite franchise!) Had to deal with study material without mine, and was surprised to see news from still there 微软 featured - why were the cops there, and who were the guys hopping down the hallway? (Another willing-participant-in-one's-own-national-security-breach thing?) Also, 这个周末 looks right stormy over yonder.

In the search for security breach-related news came up several interesting tidbits. Knowing information has already come up regarding campaign priorities ("Air Gap" guy's on there too, as is the aide with the warning), it was especially interesting to find who else decides to hop onto that bandwagon and with what timing comes pressure for change in tech platforms.

Adding this because campaign fundraising e-mails keep coming - I compared the upload dates for these three articles. Ought one choose on the ballot those who only address an issue that their constituents have faced for years when that issue poses a risk to their own political ambitions?

Adding this because keep going.

Adding this because without the correction from the original source, how can such situations be remedied? That's right. Let me count the ways.

Ending with this because yum.

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