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I should bookmark these pages

Because I have the oddest feeling I've done research on this issue before.

For a refreshing change, I'm taking a look at the election, where an issue raised has been that of mail-in votes. An argument against them seeks to prevent voter fraud, while an argument for them seeks to make it easier for lower-income voters to participate.

Here's where the deja vu comes in - I think the last time I researched the issue of IDs was in connection to local libraries and computer access. Around here, a state-issued non-driver ID costs 25 USD. If that's a form of ID acceptable for voting purposes (it is around here), and if the aim is to enable lower-income voters to participate, are legislators seeking funding for the citizens in their constituencies, or focusing on funding other issues (cough pretty pictures)?

I can acknowledge that the president of my birth country, religious as it is, just went trigger-happy at the mouth (again) in response to people who defy restrictions because, on top of the other hardships they already have to deal with, their jobs and access to resources are as affected by COVID-19 as they are in other parts of the world. Negative coverage on a head of state is not a new thing, and I'm counting on my uneducated view that term limits ensure he'll drop the job title when the time comes.

Can those at the anchor desk acknowledge that the numbers in the poll I cited earlier, those reflecting how they're dealing with the current situation, have more than one politician to blame for such a low percentage? What percentage do any updated numbers show on how well the news media has responded? Or does denigrating the viewers of a rival network***, speaking about truth over facts, or the possibility of canceled elections make for more clicks than the average listicle? (Yeesh, I'd prefer pigeons at this point.)

But I'm interrupting the current pattern of coverage. By all means, continue telling people what to think instead of dealing with the reason viewers don't take the news seriously.

On a more cheerful note, here's a puppy in pink with alottt of exclamation points aweee!!!!!eleventyone.


*** Should I attribute a Majorly Shady Not Blinking Cool example of a reason not to take the news seriously to... how did the C-suite guy put it, drafting an ill-advised response based on emotion?

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